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Let's carry out this mission of promoting samba!!! It's a pleasure to have you with us! Welcome everyone!!!

Revista GINGA BRASIL is a publication of EDITORA GINGA BRASIL with educational, cultural and informational purposes.

Ginga Brasil Magazine started on May 1, 1990, having as reference a previous work with Pagodeiros magazine that was created by Ozair that published magazines from number zero to number 18, plus some specials......

As in the previous work, Revista Ginga Brasil had as its objective a didactic, cultural and information function and was intended to facilitate the musician's work in the ciphers of the sambas.

Since 1990, it has been a magazine recognized by readers, music students and respected by professionals in this segment as the best publication of encrypted music.
It is an informative MPB Magazine focusing on Samba, with articles, interviews and reports with artists, musicians, producers, composers, entrepreneurs, etc... .
It brings sections with small notes, spaces for new people and comments about released albums and of course, songs encrypted with chords for Cavaquinho, Banjo and Guitar with the GINGA BRASIL standard of quality.

Revista GINGA BRASIL has become a mandatory publication for anyone who wants to keep up to date on what happens in Samba, a musical genre that will never die, unlike fads that invade the market from time to time...
Ginga Brasil Magazine: the Samba Magazine

Cante e Toque: the most performed sambas on radio and concerts. All songs encrypted with chords for Cavaquinho, Banjo and Guitar.

Today Ginga Brasil Magazine is considered the best cipher magazine by new musicians and by the mostexperienced as well and that historically has a part of contribution in the strengthening of this Brazilian cultural representation that is SAMBA.

If you want to know more about our history visit:ória-da-revista-ginga-brasil

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